ART. 1 : Information request requires unreserved acceptance of the current terms. The buyer recognizes that access to the report is dependent upon his acceptance of these terms and, if necessary, upon giving up his own terms of purchase.

ART. 2 : The information provided by InfoBase Europe SA is intended exclusively for the buyer's internal use. It cannot in any way be divulged to third parties. All divulgence to third parties shall give the head of Infobase Europe SA the full right to claim damages and interest assessed at 20 times the value of the divulged information, without prejudice to the right of Infobase Europe SA to remove more important damage. The buyer assumes complete and entire responsibility in relation to all consequences of this divulgation.

ART. 3 : The information is provided bona fide and on the basis of a compilation of a group of official sources. Considering the nature and the volume of processed information, Infobase Europe SA cannot guaranty its completeness or accuracy. InfoBase Europe SA cannot be held responsible for all losses or damage due to an error or omission in the information provided. In case of error, the buyer shall report the problem, as well as the official sources with which the error can be confirmed, to InfoBase SA by e-mail. InfoBase Europe SA shall correct the error as soon as possible. If error is proven, the client shall not be able to claim compensation other than the granting of a credit allowing him to demand equivalent information on an entity of his choice.

ART. 4 : Only the buyer is responsible for the formulation of his orders and the use of obtained results. The provided information is only a part of the elements combined for evaluation of the analyzed entity.

ART. 5 : The name of InfoBase Europe SA shall never be divulged by the buyer as an information source.

ART. 6 : The current general terms of sale are governed by the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Any dispute comes under the jurisdiction of the courts of Luxembourg.

ART. 7 : The personal data gathered on the site is intended exclusively for management of the order and for commercial contacts with the buyer. InfoBase Europe SA promises not to distribute this data to third parties.